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Classy, elegant, and functionable accessories for the modern day woman. Whether you work remotely from home or out in the public, we have the accessories for you!


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  • Eyeglass or mask chain - eclectic snap

    Spectacle / Mask Chains

    A stylish chain that has a duo use. Attach either your glasses or your mask and never misplace either again. Choose from dressy or fun chains.

    Spectacle / Mask Chains 
  • Womens laptop bags - eclectic snap

    Laptop Bags

    Stylish, multifunctional laptop bags for the nouveau woman. These laptop bags are multifunctional. Carry your personal as well as work items with you.

    Laptop Bags 
  • Eclectic Rings

    An eclectic collection of stylish rings. These rings can be worn alone or pair them up to be stacked. They look just as good in person as they do during Zoom Meetings!

    Eclectic Rings 
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