Current jewelry trends for 2021

Hello my fellow Snapsters!

If you want a sneak peak of what you'll be seeing in jewelry trends for 2021 keep scrolling. You can expect things like updated baroque pearls, beaded necklaces, and major earring moments that will have you camera-ready for any virtual meeting. And if you're like the rest of us and you're not ready to go all out financially on your jewelry, you can keep it simple with Eclectic Snap. For the best 2021 jewelry trends that you can shop immediately read on. 

The first major trend we will see is mismatched earrings. I know I know it sounds really odd but this style is taking over in the earring world. Eclectic Snap is jumping on the bandwagon and we have our own version of mismatched earrings in production. Here is a sneak peak:

And this:


And the fun doesn't stop there. With Eclectic Snap jewelry you can make any pair of earrings mismatched just by using 2 different snaps!! I just love this trend and how Eclectic Snap is already ahead of this trend!


The next jewelry trend we need to talk about is Pearls! Pearls are timeless and chic. Irregular shapes gives classic pearls a more modern update. What kind of jewelry company would we be if we didn't have pearls. We will be launching a new line this summer called The Bette Lou Line and it features all pearl snap jewelry. Both bases and snaps. 

We can combine the next trend with the previous one. Double Ball Earrings. We are ahead of the trend because we have carried these for awhile. Ours are unique in that you can pair them with any snap of your choice. You can find ours HERE.

The next trend is uber long chains with pendants. Any of our pendants can be worn on any length chain of your choice. Again, with Eclectic Snap all you need is a base or two and a handful of snaps and you have more combinations than imaginable. 

Another trend is layering. Any of our chains can be layered. This year start playing with fun different lengths, textures and seemingly mismatched designs. 

One of the last trends I want to talk about, and probably the most important for is is CHARMS. Charms are in this year and we are all about charms. Our snap buttons are simply charm-ing!

I have only mentioned a few of the trends for this year with regards to jewelry. Be savvy this year and look fashionably stunning at a fraction of the price with Eclectic Snap. Our mission is to bring affordable stylish to every woman that wears jewelry. 

Happy Snapping!