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Eclectic Snap

Angel Wings Mini Snap Charms

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Angel wings are symbolic of soaring to new heights in life. Angel wings can also symbolize the will to do good to oneself and to others. Angel wing jewelry is very special because it has a personal meaning affixed to it. This symbol is related, of course, to angels, who symbolize protection, affection, and harmony. Angels provide hope and happiness, which is exactly what this necklace is supposed to do. If you are buying an angel wing pendant for yourself, it is treated as a valuable keepsake. 

While there is the general meaning of the angel wing including angelic protection, if you purchase one for yourself, most likely it holds some kind of special symbolism to you. It is a great conversation starter as people will ask what your necklace stands for. If you are buying an angel wing necklace as a gift for someone else, this gesture communicates the sentiment of having someone looking over them, offering protection to the wearer.

Eclectic Snaps will attach to any 12mm Eclectic Snap base or other commercial snap base such as Ginger Snaps and Magnolia and Vine.

Changing your look in a snap with our snaps and bases. Mix and match to create a look that's all your own.  

Material(s): Rhodium Plated (Nickel, Cadmium and Lead Free).